Created in 1985, Sting is the latest brand by De Rigo Group, one of the world's leading manufactures and distributors of glasses, with headquarters in Longarone.

The brand was designed for a young target, from 15 to 25 years of age,whose fashion trends represent the main reference for creating the collections: "aggressive", sporty, glamorous and yet other kinds of models have followed one another during almost 30 years of uninterrupted production, rewriting the way of living and wearing both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Advertising campaign

2014 Sun Collection
Sting, a brand specialising in trendy eye-wear for the young and street casual world, amazes its public yet again with a coloured and lively Pop-inspired collection: a wide range of original and unconventional unisex sunglasses also including more feminine models featuring an upturned front piece and romantic textures.

Pop Art is again one of the main sources of inspiration for the colourful and creative Sting 2014 Sun Collection. Featuring a mixture of materials and bright tones such as lime, red, turquoise and fuchsia, highlighted in some models with transparent effects, the original textures and gradient or mirrored lenses bring a luminous touch to create fun chromatic combinations.

MAKE YOUR STYLE SS4857 col. 568Y / SS4856 col. SBE
Don't miss out on the must-have Sting with interchangeable covers. The standard metallic, shiny or glazed model is easily transformed into one with an acetate front piece in a wide range of colours to customise your everyday look in a new and original way.

SPACE GAME SS6501 col. L03
Transparent and rounded frame for the young who love to dare with a style that looks to the future. Groovy.
The transparency of the front piece exalts the colour and the fluorescent profile adds a special zest to the overall appearance.


Sting has created this must-have model for young fashion-forward girls. The entire front piece is customised with a lively lace texture, while a cat-eye shape makes the model even more attractive.

Advertising campaign

2014 Eyewear Collection
Sting, ever marked by youthful, modern designs and strong, bold colours, appeals especially to young people who enjoy the street style of the brand's cool accessories, suitable for any outfit.
For the coming season, Sting adopts a playful approach to fashion, with fun nods to street food and the entertaining concept of "Taste the Look", perfectly in line with its pop and carefree soul.
Shapes , colors and inspirations
The new Sting collection is full of creative ideas making each pair of glasses an embodiment of colour and vibrancy. Trendy shapes, bright hues and original patterns interpret the vintage mood with a modern and fashionable twist, with stripes, graffiti, folk-inspired prints and camouflage textures personalising the models in a new and eye-catching manner. The coming season is a triumph of colour, marked by bright blues, reds, oranges, greens and purples. Most worthy of note in the new collection is the magnetic clip-on, enabling the frames to turn into sunglasses in one simple move.