Created in 1985, Sting is the latest brand by De Rigo Group, one of the world's leading manufactures and distributors of glasses, with headquarters in Longarone.

The brand was designed for a young target, from 15 to 25 years of age,whose fashion trends represent the main reference for creating the collections: "aggressive", sporty, glamorous and yet other kinds of models have followed one another during almost 30 years of uninterrupted production, rewriting the way of living and wearing both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Advertising campaign

2015 Sun Collection

The Sting 2015/16 Eyewear Sun collection tells the story of a Winter Wonderland, with its contrasts, its soft-coloured lights, its tales of adventure and romance. The classic shapes of eyewear are reviewed in a hyper-contemporary way through contrasting textures, tone-sur-tone, and transparencies, thus becoming perfect to be worn, in complete juxtaposition, even in winter afternoons.

Sting Eyewear brings us into the rarefied atmosphere of a Hollywood that is gone, but certainly not forgotten. References to colours and textures speak of the charm of Mulholland Drive and Santa Monica, of the old cinemas of South Broadway and of the legendary Beverly Hills Hotels. Glitter, saturated colours and full animal prints overlap in a game of pop reminiscences that brings us back to the great divas of the past, and give life to a series of feminine yet fresh models, played down thanks to modern and sassy details.

Advertising campaign

2015 Eyewear Collection
Sting returns to play with pop references in the newest optical collection presented at Mido 2015. A series of fun patterns confirms once again irony, sophistication and measure as the stylistic trademarks of the younger De Rigo house brand. The collection starts off with reduced volumes, which give way to games of transparency and light. Color, once again a characteristic of the brand, is omnipresent yet not immediately visible, in a game of references in the lining or in the details of the rods and of the terminals.