The oldest brand of eyewear in Italy (founded in 1878) has always been marked by its sober and refined models, destined for an adult target group . It has now opened up to young lovers of vintage , desirous of a 1970s revival in a modern
key. Lozza now regains its place and stands for new "cult" frames. New because, unlikely many others, they have a history, a tradition, an innate superiority. These roots allow LOZZA to be contemporary in the future. In a world
that thrives on gloss and superficiality, LOZZA conveys the feeling of reliability, something that gives appearance though also grounded on substance.

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2016 Sunglass Collection
LOZZA provides us with yet another example of its ability to reinvent itself and present its heritage in ever new and original ways.For its 2016 Sunglass Collection, the most famous Italian eyewear brand has drawn inspiration from its roots and reinterpreted its codes and styles. Exquisite materials and painstaking attention to detail reveal the care and passion that have been the hallmarks of this contemporary classic brand since 1878.

Shapes, colours and inspirations
The leitmotif of the entire 2016 Sunglass Collection is a brand new decoration featuring five horizontal lines. On newer models, the brand's logo is symbolically replaced by this simple yet refined linear design forming an iconic element that adorns temples and front pieces in quintessential Lozza style. The entire 2016 Sunglass Collection is a tribute to art and culture. Great Italian authors of the past, such as Trilussa, Saba and Silone, come to life in the models making up the four families of the collection, aptly named Poetry, Short Story, Ode and Essay. Italian style and timeless elegance are ensured by the expert craftsmanship of materials and shapes.A wide choice of lenses - gradient, fully tinted or mirror-coated, in dark or light shades - is coupled with elegantly minimal tortoise shell or solid colour frames with glossy, shaded or matt effects. As ever, great attention has been paid to the use of top quality acetate and to featuring the brand's Pure Black and Pure Crystal colour versions, for added sheen.

2016 Sunglass Collection - FOR WOMEN
The 2016 Sunglass Collection for women offers a refined reinterpretation of Lozza's vintage models and shapes, which are thus transformed into new and original icons of style. Warm, deep colours, elegantly ranging from tortoise shell to varying shades of brown, black and burgundy, make for a sophisticatedly understated feminine style.

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2015 Eyewear Collection
Each and every collection by Lozza, the oldest eyewear brand in Italy, is inspired by its all-Italian heritage. With original interpretations encapsulating the charm of the past yet reinterpreted in a contemporary key, the Lozza collections always stand out for their quality, their authenticity and an all-Italian, understated style, characterised by meticulous attention to detail and a classically modern touch. Traditionally aimed at an older audience, Lozza has recently opened up to a younger target with a contemporary vintage soul.

Materials, inspirations and colours
Lozza's 2015 Optical Collection marks the comeback of a low-key style and understated elegance. Thickness and volume are reduced, and the logo is also caught up in this hymn to discretion, appearing as a frieze on a metal plate placed on spatula temples. A delicate gold engraving on the inside of the temples reads "Originale dal 1878" [Original since 1878], adding a touch of sophistication and posing as an important reminder of the brand's all-Italian excellence. Typically male tweed and herringbone patterns provide character without excess. Great attention is also paid to the female models, with pearlescent acetates that blend to perfection with the sophisticated women's frames. Nature and its elements, always a source of inspiration for Lozza, are echoed in stone- and scratched wood-effect acetates.